Carbon Fiber


Carbon fiber is an extremely strong, stiff and lightweight material, superior in strength to conventional metal materials. It is technically known as a fiber containing at least 95% carbon atoms bonded together. It consists of very thin strands of carbon, even thinner than human hair. The strands can be twisted together, like yarn. The yarns can be woven together like cloth, which is used to make composite parts. When used with a bonding polymer, like a stiff resin or plastic, the strength-to-weight ratio (as well as stiffness-to-weight ratio) of carbon fiber is much higher than either steel or aluminum.

Properties of Carbon Fiber:

  • High stiffness
  • High tensile strength
  • Lightweight
  • High chemical resistance
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Low thermal expansion

 Cardon Fiber Products

CarbonWrap® Systems

CarbonWrap® Systems

CarbonWrap®  Systems: Upgrade Your Structures for Less Don’t just repair your cracked, damaged or corroded concrete, steel or masonry structures. Upgrade them with the CarbonWrap®  Fiber Reinforced Polymer from DowAksa. CarbonWrap®  technology is a co...
High Quality AKSACA™

High Quality AKSACA™

High Quality AKSACA™ DowAksa is committed to supplying the industrial sector with high-quality carbon fibers and derivatives. All of the common industry conversion processes can be used with AKSACA carbon fibers, including: Prepregging o...


Reinforcements for Every Market DowAksa offers a variety of solutions for reinforcing structures in the infrastructure, transportation and wind energy markets. Non-Crimp Fabrics CF / Multiaxial Fabrics Commonly used as a reinforcement within...